You have just finish the first step for your first campaign kicks-start.

Before you start, please, check out our tutorial for first time campaign setup:

1. http://traffiqo.com/how-to-build-a-prospective-campaign-tutorial/
2. http://traffiqo.com/how-to-build-a-retargeting-campaign

3. Read our Knowledge Base . It can help you better understand how to work with Traffiqo platform and answer many questions.

We would like to setup a call with you so we can help you with your first campaign setup, if you want to talk with someone from our team and learn more about Traffiqo platform click here: http://traffiqo.com/meeting-appointment/

You can also login to your account or just go to http://traffiqo.com, there is a bottom right live chat window, you can do live chatting with one of our representative when this window popups.

Few words about Traffiqo:

Traffiqo is a Demand Side Platform linked to 90% of the traffic resources on the internet.

You buy media directly from any ad exchanges and ad network and select the volume, bid, budget, site/domain and so much more. We support brand safe and none brand safe categories.

None brand safe categories include gaming, gambling, downloads, forex/binary option, tech support and more.

For brand safe we work with companies such as Double Click, OpenX, Pubmatic, Rubricon and big other players in the advertising industry market.

We support all display ad formats, banners, pop under and popup, web mobile, in-app mobile and in-banner video.

In addition, our platform is programmed to optimize a retargeting campaign for different goals such as:  sale, lead, CTR, CPM and CPC cost goals. Traffiqo is also designed to build dynamic tags for ecommerce websites.

And, finally, you can build a retargeting campaign over Facebook Exchange, so you don’t even need to hold a Facebook account.

We are excited and looking forward working with you, we would like to hear more about your prospective campaigns.

, best

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