How to Build a Retargeting Campaign?

  • 1. Select your campaign type

    Select a campaign
  • 2.  General Setting

    Start to setup the basic parameters for your campaign, such as:
    campaign name, category (if you want to keep it RON just keep it blank) , flight dates, frequency cap, day time, budget, daily budget and your bids.

    The main different between prospective and retargeting campaign is that with retargeting you can setup basic goals.
    Our platform will buy for you traffic only from resource that able to reach the setup goal.

    COS - cost of sale. If you wish to limit the spend per sale, this way you will always be on profit.

    CPC - cost per click. For targeting a goal of CPC rate you wish to spend.

    CTR - Click through rate. For targeting a specific click's percentage from the total impressions.

    CPA - Cost per action.  If you have a targeted action, you can select the target of the cost per action.

    Retargeting Basic Setup
  • 3. Select  GEO

    In order to select a GEO, type the GEO on the available segments and click on the +Add button.
    For example in order to select United States, type USA.
    Then select the GEO you added.
    Keep in mind, in case you won't select any GEO, your campaign would be setup as global, means all available GEOS.

    Select your GEO
  • 4. Select specific categories

    One of many retargeting advantages is the variety of categories you can target. Your audience can be target into a very specific categories. This can Increase your visitors engagement and target better conversions.

    Retargeting Category
  • 5. Select white List URLs

    We recommend to keep it blank on the setup phase,
    and add site list when you start optimization phase.

    White Site List
  • 6.  Select black list URLs

    We recommend to keep it blank on the setup phase, and add site list when you start optimization phase. Otherwise, if you know in advance domains you would like to block, just click on the button +Add.

    Black Site List
  • 7.  Select  traffic volume per ad exchanges

    The great thing about targeting is that you can decide the volume of traffic you want to buy from each ad exchange.

    Retargeting Ad  Exchange
  • 8.  Others retargeting features

    Target device, OS, browser, placement - above and below the fold.
    Select the volume of each feature.

  • 9.  Add Creative

    Select the creative you wish to retarget.
    For personal ads, you would need to send us your product feed.
    Available ad format: static ad, personal ads, rich media, flash.

    Retargeting Creative
  • 10. Launch

    Launch Campaign
  • 11. Notifications

    Creative approved within 24 hours.
    Please note that even if your creative approved,
    you still need to wait up to 24 hours for the tech team to approve the campaign.