How To Build a Prospective Campaign

In few easy steps your campaign is ready to launch.

  • Tip: Select Brand Safe Checkbox

    If you sure your creative and landing page consider as brand safe, and would approve easily with our premium publishers,
    we recommend to check the brand safe checkbox. It will improve the inventory quality with our premium resources.
    What can consider as not brand safe: gaming, gambling, downloads, forex, adults etc...

  • Phase 1: Select the campaign type

    In order to decide if you want to start a re-targeting or prospective campaign,
    you need to know if you want to target new visitors or return visitors.
    Prospective campaign is for new visitors only without save their browser cookies.   choose-campaign-type
  • Phase 2: Select creative and channel.

    For example: if you wish to upload a third party tag for a Desktop/Mac audience ,
    you would select the following options (marked with red circle).
    Once the creative and channel are marked in green,  you can click on continue.

  • * Tip: Add more feature to your campaign

    We recommend to turn on the 'More Options' feature, this will allow you
    having more setup features such as:categories, ad exchanges, OS, level of volumes per resources and more.

  • Phase 3:    General setup

    Start to setup the basic parameters for your campaign, such as:
    campaign name, category (if you want to keep it RON just keep it blank) , flight dates, frequency cap, day time, budget, daily budget and your bids.

    General Traffiqo Prospecitve Campaign Set Up
  • Phase 4: Select your GEO

    In order to select a GEO, type the GEO on the available segments and click on the +Add button.
    For example in order to select United States, type USA.
    Then select the GEO you added.
    Keep in mind, in case you won't select any GEO, your campaign would be setup as global, means all available GEOS.

    Select your GEO
  • Phase 5:  Select white List URLs

    We recommend to keep it blank on the setup phase, and add site list when you start optimization phase.

    White Site List
  • Phase 6: Select black list URLs

    We recommend to keep it blank on the setup phase, and add site list when you start optimization phase.
    Otherwise, if you know in advance domains you would like to block, just click on the button +Add.

    Black Site List
  • Phase 7: Select the ad exchange inventory resource

    On setup phase, we recommend to keep this section full selected.

    Select your Ad Exchange
  • Phase 8:  Select operation system and browser 

    Select your Operation System (OS) and Browser
  • Phase 9: Add creative

    Select your Creative
  •  Phase 10:  Summarize your campaign and launch

    Launch Campaign
  • 11. Follow notification

    Creative approved within 24 hours.  
    Please note that even if your creative approved,
    you still need to wait up to 24 hours for the tech team to approve the campaign.