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Intelligent Campaign Automation Technology

Start generating conversion to your campaign,

with Traffiqo campaign auto optimization technology.

Used by affiliates, marketing professionals

media Buyers and agencies.

Display. Mobile. Native Ads

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Simple and Easy

Great interface that lets you build your campaigns simply

eCommerce Retargeting

Easily create custom audience retargeting rules to boost eCommerce sales

Desktop & Mobile

Desktop & mobile inventory from over 20 exchanges for maximum global reach

Day Parting

Target customers only when they are online in their time zone

Campaign Optimization

Automated campaign optimization improves performance

Reporting Dashboard

Real-time result reports

Advanced Bidding

Real-time bidding gets you the best available inventory at the best price

Facebook Ads

Retarget customers on Facebook Exchange

Traffiqo, real-time bidding reports, help easily capture the results of your campaign in real-time.

Optimize your campaign with full reporting transparency down to the site, placement and creative levels.

Direct access to over 80+ ad exchanges and ad networks. Traffiqo verticals provide the advertisers a variety of channels, including: branding, gaming, dating, video and mobile.

Targeting your campaign per GEO, OS, device, category, gender, domain and others criteria.

No need to guess how visitors have found you. See clear reports of the impressions and clicks per domain.

Access over 80 Billion Impressions Worldwide

More than 30+ RTB exchanges across the USA, EMEA, APAC

1199 Active Campaigns
28 Billion Daily Impressions
71 Inventory Resources
67854 Websites

Support All Ad Format Sizes


Retarget your visitors, and watch them return as customers.

How does retargeting work?

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Pre-Roll and In-Banner

Reach consumers wherever they are most engaged with sight, sound and motion.

Automate the process of buying media to transact more efficiently.

Build brand awareness and shift consumer perception.

Monetize your content and become a publisher

Partnering with Traffiqo Publishers Program enables you a smooth and rapid entry into new global markets.

  • Monetize any piece of remnant traffic you own
  • Receive up to 85% of the ad income
  • Display, Mobile, Pop Under, Text Ads, Videos
  • Easy tag integration
  • Dedicated account manager
  • An advance real-time updated publisher tracking report dashboard
  • 100% brand safe network
  • 100% fill-rate
  • High standard of abuse traffic filter

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